September 24, 2010
Collected Design For Mobile Presentations


Future of Mobile UX
Jonathan Brill, Implied Sciences

Emerging Interactive Technology and the Museum Experience
Michael Horn, Northwestern University

Designing Mobile Forms
Luke Wroblewski, Benchmark Capital

  • Tuesday 11:15am, Main Ballroom

From App Euphoria to App Exhaustion: Reconsidering the App Store User Experience
Marcus Grupp, Rogers Communications

  • Tuesday 11:15am, Side Ballroom

Building Mobile Experiences: Testing rapid functional prototypes in real contexts of use
Frank Bentley, Motorola

  • Tuesday 1:30pm, Main Ballroom

Web vs. App vs. Hybrid
Jason Grigsby, Cloud Four

The Future of Cloud Service Integration in Mobile Devices
Josh Campbell, Motorola/Magic + Might
Elisa Vargas, Motorola

UI Development for Multi-channel Web
Ian Homer, Bemoko

  • Tuesday 2:30pm, Side Ballroom

Designing Resourceful Mobile E-Commerce Search
Greg Nudelman, DesignCaffeine

  • Tuesday 4pm, Main Ballroom


Mobiles in Museums
Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian Institution

  • Wednesday 8:45am, Main Ballroom

Mobile Diversity: the coming Zombie Apocalypse
Scott Jenson, Google

Mobile Web - Devolution or Evolution?
Carol Taylor, Motricity

  • Wednesday 10:15am, Side Ballroom

iPad Design Headaches: Take Two Tablets, Call Me in the Morning
Josh Clark, Global Moxie

Mobile Device Specifications, or Politics is Fun
Steven Hoober, Little Springs Design

  • Wednesday 11:15am, Side Ballroom

How Do You Evaluate Gestures for Your System?
Kevin Arthur, Synaptics

  • Wednesday 1:30pm, Main Ballroom

Between Here and There: Navigation Design for Mobile
Ryan Unger, Punchkick

What Gestures Do People Actually Use?
Dan Mauney, HumanCentric

Do Smartphone Users Need to be Smart?
Tim Deluca-Smith, WDSGlobal

  • Wednesday 2:30pm, Side Ballroom

Smartphone Text Input Methods Compared: Which is Best?
Nika Smith, Blink Interactive

  • Wednesday 4pm, Main Ballroom

Designing a Billion-Dollar User Experience
Karyln Neel, eBay

World Class: Global Mobile Textbook Strategy
Corey Pressman, Exprima Media

  • Wednesday 5pm, Main Ballroom


Modern Mobile Language: From Transportation to Pixels - Metro for Windows Phone 7
Albert Shum & Paula Guntaur, Microsoft

Mobile Information Architecture
Nick Finck, Blink Interactive

  • Thursday 10:15am, Main Ballroom

Creating Magical Moments and Why Beauty is not Enough
Itai Vonshak, Elements

  • Thursday 10:15am, Side Ballroom

The Symbian^3 UI & UX Story
Scott Weiss, Symbian

Designing for Windows Phone 7
Dave Bost & Chris Bernard, Microsoft

  • Thursday 11:15am, Side Ballroom

Managing Android Fragmentation
Anthony Hand, Motorola

  • Thursday 1:30pm, Main Ballroom

Mobile Strategy
Jason Grigsby, Cloud Four

  • Thursday 2:30pm, Main Ballroom

Tapworthy iPhone Apps
Josh Clark, Global Moxie

  • Thursday 4:30pm, Main Ballroom


From Microphones to Headphones Workshop
Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian Institution

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